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*** SCH ***
Our objective was to combine several flavors and flours totally opposed and associable (Meat, Fruity as well as leguminous plants) while having the concern of having a highly digestible bait to encourage the fish to return as quickly as possible to the spot by already having digested !!!!
Several flavors appreciated by cyprinids !!!!
Explanation without revealing everything:
- A stimulating and reassuring flour that has the ability to open the appetite, promoting, among other things, weight gain, or to regulate blood sugar, very important nutritional information to take into account during the prime seasons.
- Another legume flour exceptionally rich in omega 3 (in addition to our existing meat flours) and excellent for the transit of the digestive system (Perfect for digestion therefore a continuous appetite)
- Again a very important leguminous flour which in addition to regulating hunger, fibers promote digestion and allow good intestinal function it also promotes the immune and pulmonary system
- A high added value fish protein which is recognized for its quality of amino acids, its high digestibility and palatability ....
Produced from mixtures of fish, soluble fish protein has a very high protein level.
-This red powder from Hungary has a huge attraction on carp mainly due to its high concentration of provitamin A. Used in the Robin Red mixture from Haith's, this powder has a big track record in carp fishing.
-Another flour from "fish" intended for human consumption is rich in amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, they are also very rich in animal proteins
-Nbutyric acid is a fatty acid that develops a strong odor of rancid butter very popular with carp thanks to its main function, the flavor enhancer
This is how the SCH will have been developed
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